07 August 2012

Tilapia KKB

In the near future we will produce the seeds of tilapia, we're just waiting for a weight of about 400-500 gram tilapia a tilapia to become the parent to ensure that the seeds can be produced tiapia fish.

At first I was only defending catfish and carry on raising catfish and tilapia only in small quantities to the food when he grows up, but other things should happen.

I defend tilapia just the fun of it, but what makes me wonder my state already tilapia weigh 500 grams produces her through the mouth of this fish, not little, but there are many also, every week I would raise tilapia fish larvae this is weird every week this tilapia broodstock to produce seeds.

A long time I wondered why I sold the seeds of this tilapia fish for money. so the idea was started and now I focus on the expansion of this tilapia fish.

In the near future I will be able to sell this fish fry, to the attention of readers I tilapia broodstock injected with hormones do not seeds, but the fish itself is undergoing a natural process of reproduction, and how to take care of the larvae of tilapia larvae are easy sekai just make sure to clean water free of bacteria in water is sufficient.

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