09 August 2012

How 2 ( Create a free blog with wordpress.com ) - 1234567

Hi welcome to this article, I will explain how to make a wordpress blog for free through toturial and this picture.

Step 1.

You must type the Wordpress.com to build a free blog, please click on this link or copy and paste only and go to Wordpress.com and click Page ("Sign Up Now").Please complete the information you requested in the spaces below.

Step 2.

Now log in to your email account just register and click "Activate Blog" to activate wordpress blog just now, click this button.

Step 3.

Click on a thumbnail below to customize the look of your blog. (Don't worry, you can always switch to a different theme later.). Now you have successfully registered a new blog.

Step 4.

Please select a theme for free only, select one of the free theme among children who seem panag below, choose one only.

Step 5.

 Now you can write your own articles please click the "NEW POST" follow this arrow.Choose one of the arrows, I recommend clicking the right arrow, please click.

Step 6.

Write your article here, write whatever you want, now you have a free blog. After the write please click the "PUBLISH POST"

Congratulations you managed to write an article and now you have a free blog from wordpress, safe to try.

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