06 August 2012

EM4 Making Techniques

Make EM4 with plant material

May indeed have many people know that making the intestines of animals EM4 to create smells a foul odor, therefore, I share how to make a composter EM4 microbes with a source of plant materials that will not be too smelly.


* Trash vegetables, especially beans.
* The skin of fruit (papaya, banana, rambutan, mango, etc.).
* Rice bran, adequate.
* Sugar, little
* Air Rice, to taste.

How to make:

A. vegetable waste, fruit peels and rice bran are mixed. Place for example in a bucket or container lain.Tutup sometimes while stirring, allow one week to rot until the EM1. EM stands for Effective microorganisms, which is the body of shrubs "violent", which will accelerate the composting process. Ditengarai with 1 because this liquid forms of microorganisms having Upon decomposition for 1 week.

Two. EM1 liquid waste is mixed with vegetable and fruit peels, then became silent again for a week.

Three. EM2 fluid mixed with the rice bran, brown sugar and rice water. And resting again for one week until the EM3.

4. Let it stand again for a week without adding anything. Fluid had been EM4

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