08 August 2012

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You see what is hanging next to the heads of monkeys ..?? This is KELIB, this is a chopstick kelib used by indigenous people for hunting animals such as monkeys, monkey forest, sikah and more in the forest.

Kelib is the name stands for Buloh chopsticks with poison, poison is made from liquid Ipoh tree trunk to overthrow their game.

This weapon, known Kelib been used by indigenous people for so long to this day, kelib is popular for indigenous people in Malaysia. A type of needle embroidery made from Buloh at the Ipoh tree poison first then only they will be used for cutting the apes and monkeys in the forest.

Here are a variety of kelib used for this purpose, apart from the indigenous community in malaysia sell handicrafts through the sale of this kelib, their craft has a high response by rural communities to make ornaments in hanging at home and in office- business office, it is very unique and how to make kelib is unique and requires a focus that in to make this pattern in stem kelib.

Just look there are plenty of money skull head hung in there and made memories for them, kelib show as a culture of the indigenous people in Malaysia. it is a symbol of courage for this community and is an efficient in hunting animals in the jungle.

their food source is in the wild, they can cross the forest with miles of waterfront, they are reliable in the forest, this weapon is also a savior for them if found with wild animals such as tigers, elephants and so on.

This is a little bit about kelib for indigenous communities in Malaysia, should come to malaysia kelib available at the original museum in Gombak Selangor, various goods treasures displayed there, you can learn about their cultures there.

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