31 July 2012

Why do people in London called as a white man ..?

KRISTIN KREUK ( Lana Lang in smallville ).

( pictures from internit)

This is my favorite actor or celebrity, his starring role in a story I never miss Smallville watch, if he can play constantly on broadcast television in Malaysia.

Beauty and grace that Lana Lang is on the face of my eye watching her, I never tired of watching her acting in his drama series, maybe I fell in love with her haha, I joke.

I certainly hope Smallville TV series appearing on TV in Malaysia said after this, missed it have not watched him play.

Today I want to ask and why 'The white men call London' is a secret and myth in this word ..? The fact of the london-white is pure white, congratulations ..

In our country Malaysia also have the whites but also called the white man, it is a question to me so far, I like to study the strange things that happen in this world, do not get angry because this is my hobby.

Each person has their own hobbies weird and crazy, weird things happen like in the experiments as well. That is my habit. Wants to be a scientist but I do not recognized by the world haha.

Look very beautiful Lana Lang who made ​​him as a wife is very fortunate, I express my congratulations, marriage may remain to the end of life.

I apologize for just expressing what I have and not more than that. We're not angry with Lana Lang in case I came across this article because his fanatical fans.

Maybe this time cold temperature in London, now running the Olympic Games there, right expected Olympic run smoothly to completion.

Thank you for reading my article is just, it is hoped entertained and remember that all people have their dreams, their desires are in life and expect not to be angry on my writing, you can assume it is for entertainment only.

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