14 July 2012

Red tilapia and catfish larvae

14.03.2012 Saturday.

Kuala Kubu Bharu - Oops correct tired today from 12:35 pm until 9:23 at night exhausted fish larvae move earlier. Of course one at a time for work, business is still small after all my fish pond farming in home page, for the small scale first.

There used to be sister-in-law together help in the pool but his work I could get another job and another job so I work for myself only. I remember I go down on his knowledge of fish, but apparently he was not interest in breeding fish and trade said. Is not what I had no force for him to follow in my footsteps as an entrepreneur of fish may be difficult for him.

As I meternak catfish, I also raise tilapia fish to add side dishes my family, this tilapia fish I do not sell fish supplies only for their own use when the need for their own meal in cattle as they are small periodic save so as to reduce costs in spending daily.

Look at this picture all my tilapia fish are tame, not right I just hungry for food pellets. This fish I eat once a day for me because it is in the cement pond and use of sources of water treated. I do not have sources of spring water so that is why it is a small animal only.

Tilapia fish need clean water, clear and free from chlorine to live, swimming fish I could not afford to raise them scalable but catfish do not have robust care.

It means I defend two types of fish in my fish ponds, this tilapia fish farm in a pond I fish catfish sahajankecuali, imagine it is from midday to evening I transfer larvae or fish Rege this catfish would not penat.haha. . Fatigue was not worth what it is, all money right.

Frankly I think the supply of fish seed in place around me is not sufficient for now, there are also among catfish farmers to buy seeds at a distance from Kuala Kubu Bharu.

Thanks is a little fish seeds are alive and will start to grow up but I could not all have places where the people, enough time it is sold.

What can I do to increase the longer the seeds of this fish requires a relatively large and chlorine-free water source, this factor should be taken into account if you want to become entrepreneurs or operators of fish seed of a competitive and successful as others, so.

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