15 July 2012

Make money with Agricultural Activity

15.07.2012 Sunday.

New fortifications Bharu - Make money with Blog Advertiser to supplement the family income, yes indeed, expect salaries at the moment when the husband or wife is not working really hard in the life

Able to pay enough to pay bills cars, houses, electricity and water bills in less than a week money I spent, I can wait for the new new pay late again, so, how do you get money this side ..?

Well all sorts of ways can get money halal, by way of business, selling clothes, selling bags, dealing in internit, that even if the expertise in using computers and reading.

Today I want to share Agricultural That is business, congratulate already successful in farming activities, but recently made the search for sources of INCOME for ourselves and family.

One way to make money is by way of rearing fish Hobbies and Interests based right or love for animals such as fish, here I can share a bit based on my experience there, one of them is rearing catfish.

In Malaysia it is quite popular in the name of catfish, catfish name it, many people even know my own but like to eat this fish, because of his sweet flesh, when eaten fresh. This fish is very good to eat after it fried in sambal and fried plus one, well two waist add rice, hehe ..

If you want to add revenue in fish farming activities very easy because you do not need substantial capital for business start-established enough in Rm 500 only.

What needs to be bought is a 100 gallon water Polytank valuable Rm 100, catfish fry at 500 pieces only in RM 50.1 sacks and one sacks stater palette palette finiser again and make the home page. Your cost is only Rm 275 Rm 235 only available balance as working capital in the event of an emergency is not easy.

Quite a month, you can sell your fish because there is half the fish that are mature in one month and 25 days is all the fish they had already started big. In the 500 division catfish fry 5 pieces = 100 kg we can push off some 10 kg means that we have Rm 90 kg x 4.20 = Rm 378 Rm 275 = less cost net profit Rm 103. If there are 10 polytank = Rm 1030 is not good.

But there's our friends who love catfish in London recently complained to me via email that says difficult to get supplies in London catfish and catfish farmers difficult to meet in London, if there is even one person or two persons only, and may certain places have sold this fish.

I read somewhere in internit catfish price in London is not very stable and there is also demand was high times and low for lack of fish farmers and suppliers there. May also be due to climatic factors also played a difficult role rearing catfish in London, but not why a lot of supplies there, but today I want this business berkogsi will be rather difficult if there are our friends in London, I ventured into this business . do is ask players catfish in there, how they carry out this fish farming activities.

Good partnership is so far past me today, I hope we meet again at the next partnership with a host of other interesting articles related to share my fish and anything that is not human berfedah I will share.

If there is wrong and wrong words can say please forgive me because I intend to share my knowledge and experience in the world know this fish farming only and no more than that.

If you have questions can comment in the spaces below, if I know I will answer and if I do not know but you can also share in the comments section provided, so thank you.

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