13 July 2012

Fear of snakes Wood Frog


New fortifications Bharu - Hi how are you, today I want to share new knowledge on how to scare the frogs that came to my house tidaka or even come to your fish ponds.

The presence of frogs to your house to your right to fear and loathe his horrifying to watch the action for women that is afraid of this frog. so after this make sure you buy a toy snake that is made ​​of wood sold in toy stores children.

This toy you put the worm on the edge of each front door, when the frog to come to the house it will not be afraid to go through the door of your house after this, so the presence of frogs came in through the door of the house can be reduced.

But watch out if your family suffer from heart disease this guide is in use need not fear the dead there were surprised to see a snake was near the door of the house later.

But what I want to share today is the formula you can use the full by farming or fish farming do not want their ponds filled with frogs, frog eggs or tadpoles of frogs.

The presence of frogs is disturbing your fish pond, clean water for our use of fish culture is full of frogs, so we spent a lot of time cleaning the pool every day. Farmers may have loss of time, energy and money.

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