18 April 2013

1 Acres of Land 4 Business Happens.

Hi greetings to all today I want to share with your friends what a piece of land measuring 4 acres there done business with the creation of thousands of dollars of profit which many people do not know me, for that already know how it happened I say congratulations.

Before this, I apologize for not being able to upload pictures right place example, note this is not my handpone want to ZOOM on her picture it away from where I stood on the spot where there is a Chinese cemetery, this makes it difficult for me to entering the area concerned later in the call "intruder" is not about to do with questioning authority.

As a partnership, this time I just write the article has no image in the hope that fellow visitors satisfied and understand the story that I will share later.

I mean the land is located on the main road (Main Street) Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur in the Hulu Selangor District, for the people who live in Hulu Selangor Housing Taste inherently days will see a glimpse of exactly the area is not far cemetery chinese in this sense.

Imagine a piece of land measuring one acre produce income exceeding tens highly Thousand Dollars Extraordinary rare I meet.

I mean right soil has 4 's activities have in doing business is very Lucrative yielded between 1 Substation her there that are rented by Their telephone network providing mobile cellular users in the area of ​​rented land with every rental pay to the Owner of the land, 1 fruit Swiftlet House still operating until today with a height of 4 levels that produces berkilo-kilo birds' nests per month, imagine if this swiftlet nest valuable kilogram Rm 3600.

This bird house also is there are many more thousands of birds that nest in the bird house, the third most palm garden an acre of land and a fourth there are hundreds of durian trees in the area produce durian fruit in every season.

I think he does have a very great plan which I personally never thought he would do a business plan, hopefully this partnership will benefit all, I as an admin only provide only information and guidance that will benefit everyone, hoping everyone already knows how to run an acre of land 4 business activities at the same time so thank you.

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