12 April 2013

Main core direct sales

1. Building a marketing platform: Distributor must sell prodak retail skilled as he was authorized to distribute and sell products.

2. Build network users: after-sales services necessary to foster long-term relationships with customers. Robustness of the results to be achieved with repeat purchases as high as 80%. More challenging situation repeat purchases about 60%.

3. Upline should always teach and guide referrals to foster quality referrals.

3 Important Factors Direct Sales Business

1. Product basic needs: Distributor, his family and members of the organization must use its own products, satisfied and pleased with the product so that distributors better understand the product and to maintain sales performance.

2. Professional career: Distributor constantly improve the quality of self, willing to learn and work hard to become independent entrepreneurs. In short, be yourself as an example to build a strong team and independently.

3. Strong network: When independent upline, downline will be taught to be independent. Continuous duplication process will develop a great team.

Creating a business-friendly environment

Set the rules, values ​​and corporate culture appropriate to be followed by the entire organization. all members have a goal and the same direction and adopt the same operating system.

Strategy to build a great organization

1. Find a talented prospect, interested, ambitious, willing to learn and change, and also willing to learn and change, and also willing to sacrifice in order to achieve some successful.

2. Give guidance and counsel to the downline about the right way to conduct direct sales career. Dowline will observe and duplicate gestures upline.

3. Independent fertilizer distributors.

4. Foster an independent team.

5. Fertilizers positive values ​​in themselves members of the organization, provide support collaboration, recognized and defended the concept of business and corporate culture to build a business that is constantly growing.

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